If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there.

~ Lewis Caroll

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Update on Lacey's Life

Life has been extra busy this fall. I'm absolutely loving the season in Nashville. We have perfect the best fall fun and foliage--I must reitterate my belief that the South is absolutely beautiful!

Anyway . . . October is jam packed with activities. Two weekends ago was Whitney's wedding. I must say, it was the most beautiful event. The weather barely cooperated, but by the time the vows were said, the sun peeked out in time to provide a gorgeous sunset in the background. My dress is awesome (now a work dress, thank you very much Whit!). I so enjoyed seeing my friends who I rarely get to spend time with these days (please come visit!). I've included a picture that illustrates my enjoyment of the festivities.

This weekend is JSU Homecoming. Wow, it seems like only yesterday was homecoming '08. It's crazy how time flies. I can't wait to see my girls! I really just want to say hello to Baby Byrd (and of course see you Allison). I'll also get to see my niece, Grace, who is growing up way too fast. I can't believe how grown up she already looks at just 15 months.

The pinnacle of my October is Halloween weekend. Drum rol . . . . Las Vegas, baby! The good times will be here soon. My costume is ready (it has fiber optic lights) and I already bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil and Madame Tussaud's wax museum (don't laugh, it has interactive exhibits!). I checked the dimensions for carry on luggage (can't lose my costume!). I'm definitely ready. I love to people watch and observe people who love to be care free, so I should get an eyeful over the weekend. We'll be there for four full days! I'll definitely be reporting on the Halloween party, so stay tuned!

As for all my followers (the few, the proud . . .), I hope you take advantage of all that fall has to offer. Enjoy your weekends and don't forget to have fun!

p.s. check out my pumpkin! it's my best yet