If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there.

~ Lewis Caroll

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Today my coworkers and managers took me out to a celebration lunch.

I've been at my current job for one year now! It's hard to believe that the time has gone by so quickly, but it also seems like ages ago when I was still in college living the easy life . . . going to class in my jammies, waiting tables to make enough money to go out on Thursday night, and enjoying every minute of it. Now it's been 7 years since college, and 10 since high school. Man, time passes before you know it.

I must say, though, that my one year anniversary may seem trivial, but as someone who has faced unemployment (albeit self-inflicted), one year at any job is an accomplishment these days. More importantly, my job no longer makes me want to take up drinking alone in the dark or jump across the border and escape all of my debt in the land of no-extradition. I am actually quite satisfied with my life. Finally! Things are definitely looking up in every direction.

I will be marrying my sweetie in August; I don't believe in soul mates or ever after, but I think we make a pretty good pair. Our faults balance out and we make each other laugh a lot, which is the most important thing.

I just purchased a home! Yay. Closing day is next Friday, so I have jumped that hurdle unscathed. It's another accomplishment I'm quite proud of.

We adopted a new puppy. She is our baby. Literally. I now know what parents of human babies go through, but I have the luxury of crate training.

I've discovered that I don't love teaching as much as I thought I would. I think I will try again another time, but for now it's an epiphony I can live with.

This one year anniversary marks for me a true "I'm an adult!" moment. For the first time in my life, I feel like an accomplished, competent, sympathetic, optimistic, nurturing woman. These traits are things that I believe you have to earn in life. So today I will celebrate adulthood, just 11 days before my 28th birthday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Blogging Beginner

Book blogging. I've been tossing the idea around. I'm sure there are hundreds of bloggers out there who write book reviews, raves, rants, etc. Yet, I've never read one. In order to take on this task, I suppose I should research what's available and what's needed in order to find my niche in the "specialty" blogging world. I think giving an honest opinion of the books I read would help me really remember what I read and actually allow me to "get something out of it," as the saying goes. Also, I would be pushed outside of my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, I love all genres, but I tend to latch on to one for months or years on end. I've always wanted to re-read all those "classics" from my Master's courses that I plowed through in order to pass the class or pick up some good autobiographies from the likes of fascinating people or even poetry collections. If I take on this challenge, I will revamp my page and devote it strictly to book reviewing. Don't worry--I won't be uppity and snooty like some big-time reviews can be. I just want to read what is interesting, funny, enlightening, and (on occasion) challenging. Plus my Kindle will really get a workout!