If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there.

~ Lewis Caroll

Monday, March 15, 2010

With the New Day Comes New Strength --Eleanor Roosevelt

I have to wonder why when things seem to go wrong, they go wrong in bulk. Personally, I have nothing to complain about, yet I manage to find some "life's not fair" moment every day as of late. It's just one of those life phases where I spend my time anticpating what is to come and being indifferent towards the present. It's the here and now that I'm annoyed with--work, teaching, renting, spending--it all gets to be too much sometimes. Then I turn into a big whiner and annoy everybody, including myself.

However, even though my problems are petty and few, I myst say that I take inspiration from my friends who, at times, carry insurmountable weight on their delicate shoulders.

Pregnancy ups and downs, new motherhood worries, stress over unknown futures, scary illnesses of loved ones, deteriorated friendships, newfound faith, etc.

All of these burdens are carried by a variety of my friends, my women friends. I have to say that as a gender, we are amazingly resilient. It's almost as though we are given no other option than to be strong so that those around us don't fall apart. Throughout history this has proven to be the case, but it takes witnessing it personally by those women we love to truly be inspired. These women, these friends, make me strive for happiness and satisfaction in my own life by remaining strong and faithful in theirs.

To all women out there dealing with the impossible--take faith in knowing that you are not alone. Even the smallest of problems is worthy of your time and worry. Sometimes those are the hardest to get through because we think they should be insignificant. Nothing that makes us stronger is insignificant--these small trials and tribulations are strength training for the soul.

When the shit hits the fan we have our umbrellas ready.

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